Resident Evil Village demo arrives in May; PlayStation has early access

Capcom announced on Thursday (15) a scheme, at least, peculiar to the demo of Resident Evil Village. The version, long awaited by fans, will give access to two main areas of the new game, but will have limited availability to 24 hours from May 1st, with players being able to play for a maximum of one hour. Who has PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4, however, has early access from this weekend.

The mathematics of disclosure involves specific times and dates when the title can be experienced. Overall, Capcom wants to give players a taste of two central stretches of the storyline. Resident Evil Village: the village itself that gives the game its name and which is one of the game’s initial moments; and Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, a character that has become a favorite among fans.

Resident Evil Village demo arrives in May PlayStation has early

In the case of early access on PlayStation platforms, the demo will be divided into two, with the stretches available over eight hours, within which players will have 30 minutes to experience the game. The early download of the demo is now available, while the Vila segment is open from this Saturday (17); the following week, on April 24, the Castle segment is released.

Finally, on May 1, players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and even Stadia will have access to both segments over a 24-hour period, with an hour of possible gaming that they can be divided as they prefer between the two sections. In both cases, Capcom explains that the demos have an ending; if it is reached, the player can resume playing until the time limit is reached.

To simplify things, check out the list below, with the dates and times (in Brasilia’s time zone) of availability of the demo on each platform and the time allowed for play on each platform:

  • Demo Village: 4/17, 9 pm to 5/18, 5 am; 30 minutes of gameplay exclusively on PS4 and PS5;
  • Demo Castle: 4/24, 9 pm to 4/25, 5 am; 30 minutes of gameplay exclusively on PS4 and PS4;
  • Complete demo (Castle and Village): 5/1, 9 pm to 5/2, 9 pm; 1h of play on all platforms (PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Stadia).

A week later, finally, Resident Evil Village hits stores for all platforms. The eighth game in the franchise is also the first in the history of the saga to feature dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese; in the story, Ethan Winters seeks to save his daughter, Rose, from a group of cultists willing to perform a bizarre ritual, but seems to have the hero Chris Redfield, now with a very different alignment, in his path.

Just like the demo, Resident Evil Village arrives for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One. It is the first game of the saga in the new generation of consoles, with the option of free upgrade for those who still have an old video game – the game is also included Re: Verse, an extra title focused on competitive shooting with classic characters in established places in the series.

Source: Capcom (Resident Evil Showcase, YouTube)

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