George Romero’s “lost” film has its premiere scheduled for this year

A film directed by George A. Romero and considered lost for more than 40 years will finally see the light of day. The Amusement Park, recorded by the director of horror classics, arrives at the beginning of this second semester at the streaming service Shudder to bring a little more of the filmmaker’s classic look, in a feature film full of social criticism that talks about the fear of aging and the treatment given by society to the elderly.

Recorded in 1973, the film also represents the first and only time that Romero agreed to be hired to produce a film – in this case, the project financier was the Lutheran Society, which wanted a production, precisely, to talk about the stigma of aging. The Amusement Parkhowever, it was only shown in private sessions and was considered lost until 2018, when the original film was found and the restoration process began.

Now, the idea of ​​the George A. Romero Foundation, led by the filmmaker’s wife, Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, is to launch the film in 4K and with remastered sound, in an effort that counted on the help of Daniel Kraus, known for his collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro in the concept of films like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water. The interest of Shudder, a streaming platform that has been specializing in independent horror films, came as a glove.

The film centers on a character named Maazel, the ticket clerk at an amusement park where something seems to be wrong, starting with his own white robes. Among attractions and visitors, bizarre events begin to take place in a place, supposedly, aimed at entertainment, but which seems to be the home of bizarre figures who sometimes ignore the elderly and, at other times, want his death.

George Romeros lost film has its premiere scheduled for this
The Amusement Park talks about the indifference given to the elderly in our society; “lost” film arrives in mid-2021 to the streaming service Shudder (Image: Disclosure / The George A. Romero Foundation)

The Amusement Park is the fifth film in Romero’s career, recorded five years after The Night of the Living Dead, which drew attention to his name, but also five before The Awakening of the Dead, which led him to consecration. Desrocher describes the film as an untraditional work that exhibits some of the roots of the director’s style, while presenting a frightening view on the indifference given by society to the elderly, especially in relation to financial difficulties and the idea that this group of citizens is considered “unsustainable”.

George Romero passed away in July 2017, a victim of lung cancer, at home and beside his family. He lived in Toronto, Canada, and besides his wife, he left three children, in addition to a career of more than 20 films, with a beautiful number of horror classics that go beyond just his defining character in zombie cinema.

Shudder didn’t reveal exactly when we’ll see The Amusement Park, delimiting the date, only, to the already mentioned American summer, between the months of June and August of this year. The streaming service specializing in horror movies, however, is not yet officially available in Brazil.

Source: Empire

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