Nintendo Switch Online has increases of up to 35% in Brazil; see the values

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Nintendo Switch Pro may come with AMOLED screen but same

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The Nintendo Switch online service will experience considerable price increases in Brazil. Some users in the country have already received emails from Nintendo itself revealing that their respective Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions would receive an adjustment starting next month, something that was confirmed to the Canaltech by the company’s advisory in Brazil.

According to some users, prices are increasing by 35%, whatever the chosen plan. Despite this, no compensation was prepared by Nintendo for its subscribers, which should bring some discontent on the part of the company’s customers here. On the service, for example, there are no Switch games distributed for free, as is the case with Xbox Live Gold and PS Plus.

However, to play the Nintendo Switch in online multiplayer and be able to make saves in the cloud, or even use the application on smartphones, a subscription to the service is required.

See below how the prices of Nintendo Switch Online in Brazil were according to the email received by users:

  • Individual monthly plan: from R $ 14.80 for R $ 20 (35% increase)
  • Individual annual plan: from R $ 74.25 to R $ 100 (34% increase)
  • Annual family plan: from R $ 129.95 to R $ 175 (35% increase)

As mentioned above, the Canaltech contacted Nintendo do Brasil for clarification and its press office confirmed the readjustments, in addition to the emails that users are receiving. In our newsroom, no Nintendo Switch owner has received the warning yet, but it is something that should happen, as well as the company’s official press release and market.

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