Hollywood Remake of Zombie Invasion Meets Director

After the tremendous success of the South Korean Zombie Invasion, it was expected that soon we would end up winning a Hollywood remake. Now, according to Deadline, the project that seemed to be stopped in the hands of New Line Cinema would be taking a few more steps when negotiating the participation of Timo Tjahjanto as director of the remake.

Indonesian born in Germany, Timo Tjahjanto is not well known by Brazilians, but he may be a household name for horror fans, as he is one of the filmmakers of V / H / S / 2 and The ABC of Death. He also directed some action films, such as Murderers (2014), Headshot (2016) and The Night Chases Us (2018).

Hollywood Remake of Zombie Invasion Meets Director
Image: Playback / Next Entertainment World

A director with experience in action and a love of terror may be the ideal choice for the remake, but as everything is still just speculation, we will need to wait for official confirmation from New Line.

James Wan, creator of the universe Invocation of Evil and director of great titles like Deadly Games, Fast & Furious 7 and Aquaman, will be the producer of the remake of Zombie Invasion alongside Michael Clear, Nicolas Atlan, Terry Kalagian and Gary Dauberman, who is also adapting the script.

Deadline recalls that when the rights to adapt Zombie Invasion came up for sale, there was a big dispute between the studios, with New Line coming out as the winner. The interest in adaptation would be due to the potential for franchising Zombie Invasion. The sequence of the original, Zombie Invasion 2, however, was not so successful in almost completely changing the atmosphere of the first film.

Source: deadline

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