HBO Announces Documentary on the Industry Behind the Opioid “Epidemic”

HBO announced the launch of The Crime of the Century, the documentary that denounces the billion dollar industry behind overproduction, reckless distribution and the abuse of synthetic opioids. The production will be divided into two parts, reaching the closed channel and HBO GO streaming in May.

Directed by Alex Gibney, who won the Oscar for best feature documentary for Taxi to the Dark Side in 2008, the project explores the origin, dimension and consequences of one of the greatest public health tragedies today. Abuse of synthetic opioids has already caused half a million overdose deaths in that century alone, and according to The Crime of the Century, this epidemic crisis in the United States is a problem of identified origin and that unfortunately is far from over.

HBO Announces Documentary on the Industry Behind the Opioid Epidemic
The Crime of the Century opens up scandal in the pharmaceutical industry (Image: Disclosure / HBO)

Counting on leaks of documents, confidential information, exclusive interviews and access to the backstage of the investigation, the documentary points out that the pharmaceutical industry manufacturers are, in fact, the main responsible for this crisis that currently involves billions of dollars and, unfortunately, damage thousands of lives. The production also counts on the opinions of medical experts and testimonies from journalists, state officials, lawyers and representatives of laboratories and, of course, victims of opioid dependence.

While the first part of The Crime of the Century contextualize the epidemic crisis with testimonies from specialists, sales representatives, doctors and even relatives of victims, the second part will highlight the capital interest of the industry in the dependence of the population with these substances. Denouncing the Insys Therapeutics laboratory, for example, which manufactured the drug and continued to bribe doctors to prescribe more doses, videos and promotional materials are revealed to expose professionals’ neglect of victims.

The first part of the documentary hits the HBO channel in May, with no set date. The launch will take place simultaneously on streaming HBO GO.

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