Cartoon Network Announces Return of Classic Designs on HBO Max

HBO Max arrives in Brazil in June, but Cartoon Network is already working to attract cartoon fans to streaming: as reported, the closed channel invested in more than 300 hours of original series, specials and acquisitions that will be part of the titles under its seal in the catalog. “These new originals add up to more than 3,000 hours of premium content from the library, which also reaches all WarnerMedia platforms,” ​​wrote a company spokesman.

Along with the announcement, the channel reorganized its collection through a new slogan called Redraw Your World accompanied by a new video.

Among the new designs that will be part of the Cartoon Network catalog on HBO Max, there are three 45-minute specials based on the series Ben 10 produced by the same breeders Big hero operation and Rex mutant, scheduled to debut in April of that year. In addition, the platform also announced new seasons of Greg’s World, Infinite Train, Victor and Valentino and the long awaited return of Island of challenges, which arrives with two more unpublished seasons ten years after its exhibition.

Cartoon Network Announces Return of Classic Designs on HBO
Challenges Island is back in two more seasons exclusive to HBO Max (Image: Disclosure / WarnerMedia)

For the shelf of productions aimed at the whole family, the company also announced a feature film based on the series The Amazing World of Gumball, which has no official name yet. There is also a project that the company describes as “the meeting of The Brady Bunch and Pitch Perfect“, entitled Family Mash-Up (unofficial title), which will accompany a single mother with three children and a single father with three daughters who fall in love and get married, despite their children being in two musical groups that are rivals to each other. THE live-action is from the same creator Raven’s Visions and Hannah Montana, Michael Poryes.

Cartoon Network also announced a series derived from Teen Titans in Action, who accompanies Robin, Ravenna, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Star on a journey back to the world of Night Begins to Shine, when the musical land is the victim of a new sinister threat. Other ads include a production by Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) and Naomi Scott (Other People) call Gross girls, which will portray Chuck and Zoey’s struggle to survive elementary school in a comedy aimed at the whole family.

Cartoon Network Announces Return of Classic Designs on HBO
Logo of the new Piu-Piu animation series (Image: Disclosure / WarnerMedia)

Finally, the company also announced Tweety Misteries, which will mark the return of a Looney-Tunes loved by fans: Tweety. Using live-action and animation, the hybrid production will bring Sidney, an investigative journalist whose task is to solve several local mysteries in the small town where she lives accompanied by the most famous cartoon bird.

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