Burton’s Batman and Donner’s Superman to Continue in DC Comics Comics

DC Comics has expanded the universes of its icons that had popular phases in TV and cinema. In previous projects, she paid tribute to the series Batman 1966, with Adam West and Burt Ward; and Wonder Woman 1977, with Lynda Carter – even had the meeting of the two universes. Well, as a sequence, the publisher announced that the next publications will be to films Super man 1978, directed by Richard Donner; and Batman 1989, by Tim Burton.

Batman ’89 will be drawing by Joe Quinones, who has already illustrated the strange magazine Dial H for Hero and took that idea to DC Comics years ago. At the time, the executives did not approve, however, an art about this project, published by Quinones himself, was so successful among fans that it seems to have changed the publisher’s decision. The scripts are up to Sam Hamm.

Burtons Batman and Donners Superman to Continue in DC Comics
Image: Disclosure / DC Comics

To everyone’s relief, the plot must ignore what happens in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin and focuses only on Burton’s material, which ended with Batman: The Return. In addition to reviewing Michelle Pfeifer’s Catwoman, fans will be able to check out some abandoned ideas, such as the arrival of Robin and Harvey Dent, Two-Face (who later appeared in Batman Forever).

Quinones even posted some conceptual arts from Batman ’89 on your Twitter account. In them we see the redesigned costume, with elements from the series Batman Animated. And you can see Bruce Wayne by Michael Keaton in civilian clothes, which is inspired by the toys of the line Batman: The Return – it is possible to notice that the hero has gray hair, so we will see there a great passage of time since his last appearance. The designer stated that Detective Harvey Bullock will make his debut and we will have a new version of the Joker, based on the look of the musician Prince, who created a special track and video clip for the film at the time of its release.

1614027815 793 Burtons Batman and Donners Superman to Continue in DC Comics
Image: Playback / Twitter (Joe Quinones)

Already Superman ’78 script by Robert Venditti, who has already written Lanterna Verde and Gavião Negro, and drawings by Wilfredo Torres, who illustrated Batman ’66. The limited series takes place well before the start of Clark Kent’s career as Superman, at about the middle of the first narrative. Super man Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve. History will show, for example, how the citizens of Metropolis react when they see a man flying through the skies.

1614027815 264 Burtons Batman and Donners Superman to Continue in DC Comics
Image: Disclosure / DC Comics

So much Batman ’89 how much Superman ’78 will have 12 digital editions and the first six episodes of each series will be released on July 27th, with new chapters being distributed over the next six weeks. The printed versions are scheduled for the months of August to October, with complete hardcover collections at the end of everything.

Source: IGN

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