Xbox Series X and S hit stores and start a new generation of consoles in Brazil

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Xbox Series X and S List of streaming apps
Xbox Series X and S List of streaming apps

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The great day has come! The new generation of consoles begins in Brazil and in the world with the launch of the current Microsoft consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. With different proposals, these video games opened up the new guidelines of the Redmond giant regarding gaming “, with the formation of the idea that we should and can play wherever and however we want, in whatever way possible, aggregating all tastes and pockets.

Both consoles arrive in Brazil on the same date of the global launch, good news for fans of the brand in the country and that shows that Microsoft continues to place Brazil as one of its main markets. “We are planning the arrival of the new Xbox to Brazil since 2018, with the idea of ​​bringing them on the same date of the worldwide launch. It was a great effort on the part of the Xbox team and we are very happy with this work”, said Bruno Mota, Manager Xbox Senior in Brazil, in an interview with Canaltech.

In addition to the work for the arrival of consoles in conformity with other markets, another good news that marks the launch of the new Xbox Series X and S in Brazil was the drop in prices even before sales started. According to Mota, the first batch of imports had already been made, but Microsoft chose to lower the values ​​soon after the decree of IPI drop for consoles and accessories, signed by President Jair Bolsonaro a few weeks ago.

Xbox Series X and S hit stores and start a

“We had already made the first import leg even before the decree signed by the president. But, even so, we chose to lower prices based on the percentages of taxes to give players an extra chance to purchase our video games,” commented Mota .

Sales in physical stores will happen

One of the doubts regarding the launch of the Xbox Series X and S is regarding sales in physical stores. With the pandemic of COVID-19, many companies that sell imported products here have difficulties in supplying the stocks of partner retailers. According to Microsoft, this has been mitigated, and it will be possible to buy your new consoles in person. In addition, according to Mota, the company worked in such a way that its partners in Brazil offered good installment conditions.

Xbox Series X and S hit stores and start a
New Microsoft consoles can now be purchased throughout Brazil (Image: Microsoft)

“We work so that players can purchase consoles in physical stores in various regions of Brazil, but we leave the logistics to the retailers themselves, as well as the issue of installments, which is something we know is very important for the Brazilian consumer” said Mota.

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Microsoft retail partners for online sales in Brazil (Image: Microsoft)

It must be remembered, however, that the pre-sale of the Xbox Series X was sold out in several stores in Brazil. Mota, however, guarantees that all units will be delivered. “We will have no stock problem”, he guarantees.

The consoles

The Xbox Series X is the most powerful console ever created by Microsoft and is, at least in numbers, the most powerful of the new generation, being able to deliver visuals up to 8K resolution, games that can run at 120 frames per second and support ray tracing, which improves lighting and makes it look more natural.

Xbox Series X and S hit stores and start a
(Image: Canaltech)

With it is the Xbox Series S, console that has more modest hardware and leaves the disk drive aside, serving as a gateway for those who want to enter the new generation of platforms while spending less.

About the Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is the most powerful of the next generation of consoles; even stronger than the PlayStation 5. It is a monster equipped with a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight cores and clocked at 3.8 GHz, a customized AMD RNDA 2 GPU with 12 TFLOPS and 52 computing units running at 1.8 GHz All in conjunction with 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM and a custom 1 TB NVMe SSD storage unit. The RAM partition will be 10 GB for the GPU, 3.5 GB for the standard memory and 2.5 GB for the operating system.

1605019153 677 Xbox Series X and S hit stores and start a
(Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

With these specifications, the Xbox Series X targets games up to 8K and with a frame rate of up to 120 FPS. Of course, most games on this console will run at 4K / 60FPS, but the jump from the Xbox One X, the most powerful of the current generation, is quite big – and it doesn’t stop there. That’s because the new GPU and CPU architectures will allow true new generation performance, in addition, of course, to SSDs, which will eliminate eternal loadings.

About Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S can be considered a stroke of Microsoft genius in marketing terms. The company has developed a console capable of running the new games in acceptable performance, improving the performance of old games, bringing all the new AMD architecture and costing much less than other video games of the new generation.

The Series S processor is the same as the Series X, but running at 3.6GHz, which also places it as superior to the PlayStation 5 even though it is an input console. The differences, however, begin to appear in what makes the video game cheaper.

1605019153 997 Xbox Series X and S hit stores and start a
(Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

Its GPU, which has the same architecture as the big brother, has power of only 4 TFLOPS. Instead of the 16 GB of RAM, we have 10 GB in the Series S. And the SDD, which is also the same, has a storage capacity of only 512 GB. Despite this, we can have games with fast loadings and the long awaited Ray Tracing, which, of course, will be present on the Xbox Series X. There is also the absence of a disc player, a factor that contributed to the drop in price.

The focus of the Series S will be on games that run at resolution up to 1440p and with frame rates up to 120 FPS. One example, even, was given in a demo of Gears 5, which was really impressive.

Prices and availability

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are already available on the Brazilian market at Microsoft partner retailers for the following prices:

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