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The best exclusive games released for PlayStation 4

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Sony is giving you a good reason to keep your PlayStation 4, even after purchasing a PlayStation 5. In its official blog, the company confirmed that it will be possible to use the current console as a remote access to next generation games.

Sony has a feature called Remote Play, which allows the player to use their PlayStation 4 via the computer or mobile platform by streaming. The novelty with the launch of the new console is that it will be possible to play PlayStation 5 on PlayStation 4.

The information came from an extensive FAQ that Sony posted on its official blog. “We are updating the PS4 Remote Play. Now, in addition to being able to access PS4 on PC on mobile, your PS4 can also access other consoles via Remote Play, right on your TV. This includes the ability to connect your PS5 and stream a PS5 game to your PS4 and play through it, ”explains Sony. Thus, the company gives an additional reason for those who already have the PlayStation 5 to be able to keep their previous device, even upgrading to the new generation.

The new console can run 99% of PlayStation 4 games, in addition to the same apps and features. That is, there are few reasons for you to keep your old device in exchange for the new one. Thus, the possibility of using current video games as a streaming platform for the PlayStation 5 can give it a survival. In addition, Sony has also updated the app for PCs, adding the possibility of placing up to three more accounts in Remote Play, for multiplayer games.

The PlayStation 5 hits the market in two versions, with or without the Blu-Ray player. In Brazil, the launch takes place on November 19.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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