PlayStation 5 could have been even bigger, says Sony art director

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PlayStation 5 gains price reduction after lower IPI for games
PlayStation 5 gains price reduction after lower IPI for games

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The PlayStation 5 is a console considered to be large, one of the largest in history, however, it could be even more robust. In an interview with the Washington Post, Sony art director Yujin Morisawa said the model was reduced from the first sketch.

β€œIn the beginning, when I started to draw, he was even bigger, although I didn’t know what the engineers were doing. The funny thing was that the engineering people actually told me it was too big. So, I had to take a break from my first drawing ”, pointed out Morisawa.

The PlayStation 5 is 39 centimeters high, 26 centimeters deep and 10 centimeters wide, making the console the largest of the modern era. In October, Otori Yasuhiro, responsible for the mechanical and thermal design of the PlayStation 5, explained why the console is so big.

According to the engineer, the fan needed to be robust to be able to ventilate both the video game chipset and the SSD. At the time, he even said that the console could be smaller if two coolers were used, but that would also require a system for managing both (making the device more expensive).

Returning to Morisawa’s interview, the artist said he really wanted the PlayStation 5 to be monumental. β€œI tried to sculpt the invisible mass between the player and the mechanical engineering of the console. That’s how I describe it. There is something between the hardware and the player, and that should be expressed ”, says the artist.

The PlayStation 5 hits the market in two versions, with or without the Blu-Ray player. In Brazil, the launch takes place on November 19.

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Source: Washington Post

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