Netflix Direct: the French attempt to bring streaming to mainstream TV

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Netflix decided to use an old, conventional method to get more people to know its programming. The streaming giant is testing Netflix Direct, a channel that broadcasts the company’s original series, movies and productions as if it were a real-time subscription TV station.

This channel, which has been on the air since November 5, broadcasts a pre-determined schedule 24 hours a day, but with original Netflix products, such as the series The Witcher, House of Cards, Roman Empire, among others. These tests, however, take place only in France, a country that, according to the company, is still one of the most watched old-fashioned TV.

Netflix Direct the French attempt to bring streaming to mainstream
Netflix subscribers in France can tune in to the service via TV / Image: Playback / Netflix

According to a statement sent to IndiaWire staff, Netflix created this channel as a way to let people get to know their series and movies in a more organic way, instead of going to the app and scrolling “forever” through the options available in the catalog.

For now, Netflix Direct is only available to a limited number of subscribers. According to Netflix, this first testing phase will take place until December, when the company will expand to other customers in France, which total 9 million.

Source: CNET

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