Criticism | Love and Anarchy is the romantic comedy series that we needed

When we give a chance to the infinite options of Netflix’s original premieres, which go beyond American and British productions, we can find great “finds” that make it worth having the opportunity. Here in Brazil, for example, little is known about Sweden and its culture. The language may not be the most pleasant to the ears, but a series has been drawing the attention of subscribers to the streaming platform, being among the 10 most watched since its debut.

In Love and Anarchy, a series of only eight episodes with about 30 minutes each, we provide a romantic comedy with a touch of drama that brings a little comfort to difficult days, with a relaxed story, as well as charismatic and hateful characters in the right measure for a light humor production. It is not a series of laughter, but it has its moments of fun quite enjoyed.

Warning: this review contains spoilers for Love and Anarchy!

Criticism Love and Anarchy is the romantic comedy series
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The plot, of Swedish origin, follows the life of Sofie (Ida Engvoll), a consultant who must be almost 40 years old, with a husband and two children, hired by a publisher to modernize the company, transforming it into digital. There, she does not show herself as the friendliest person in the world and comes into conflict with young Max (Björn Mosten), an IT professional who seems to have barely entered his 20s.

Sofie is presented as a woman who is addicted to masturbation. Whether before leaving for work or in the middle of the night, she usually picks up her cell phone and headphones, goes to a pornographic website and goes to the bathroom to give herself pleasure. This apparent addiction arrives at the work environment, at the end of the working day, when everyone seems to be gone. However, Max appears there and takes a picture of the scene that, of course, will be used against her.

After that event, there are rare moments when Sofie feels this constant need to masturbate, taking the series to “finalmente”, the main thing that involves a game between her and the young temporary employee, which fulfills the need for her to feel something else. Max, in fact, does not show any cruel intent with the compromising photo and asks only for a paid lunch for the photo to be deleted.

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This lunch takes place in a famous franchise of fast food and it ends up bringing Sofie the fun she needed in her life – and what the viewer didn’t know she needed. She takes the boy’s cell phone and gives him a mission to get the phone back. When he does, she gives him her favorite lipstick and asks for a new mission, with the object then being passed by them throughout the episodes as the missions are completed. That’s where all the fun in the series is, which, while entertaining us with these silly and funny missions, makes us hope for a “forbidden” romance that begins to emerge.

Sofie and Max fall in love, while she has been suffering from problems with her father, children and husband, making fun with the young man a great outlet. The situation also comforts Max, who shows himself to be a good person and also with family problems, which in this case would be the mother’s contempt. The scenes that involve working at the publisher of both, also involving other characters, also have their merits of fun.

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Love and Anarchy is a series to be watched without a taboo. There are scenes of frontal nudity not only male but also female, which is rare, and a considerable amount of sex scenes, even during the moments of Sofie’s masturbation, some details are shown. They are not embarrassing moments for those who watch with an open mind, after all they are everyday situations that happen to everyone, they are only in the sexual issue as in the extramarital relationship.

The plot shows that it is possible to open up to small moments that, even simple, can bring joy, and that we can also open ourselves up to new adventures when we are already in a moment of conformity with the current reality. The series does not judge, does not criticize and also does not say that everything that is happening is certain, that betrayal is good, but that we are humans who surrender to the best situations to feel good.

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The proposed Love and Anarchy it is different from others already seen in romantic comedies and, certainly, brings fun and refreshing moments to heavy moments. The series has eight episodes and can be 81069541watched on Netflix.

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